The Lot is a region well known  for its fabulous gastronomy. The yearly truffle market in Lalbenque is the biggest and most important one in all of France. Buyers and sellers of truffles come from all over the country and abroad. There are many walnut groves, and the walnuts, which are considered to be amongst the finest in the world, can be found at local markets. These walnuts are often used in the production of liquor, wine, oil, vinegar, cakes, etc. They are even used by Lindt chocolate, and McDonalds uses them to top their sundaes!

Besides truffles and walnuts, duck and goose dishes are popular in the Lot.( Think of the famous foie gras, confit de canard or magret de canard.) Dark-red Cahors wines go very well with all of these.  Let’s not  forget the cheeses, the fresh fruit and vegetables, the herbs, such as lavender and saffron.  It really is no wonder we have been inspired to organize following events:

Evening meals

Twice a week in main season we have a bbq, tapas, pizza night, or a ‘soirée française’ (with pates, cheeses, various types of bread, crèpes, etc.).  We always serve the children first, so the little ones can be put to bed and the others can go play, then the adults can leisurely enjoy their meal.

Table d’hôtes

Outside the main season, we almost always offer the possibility of having table d’hôtes. You can even enjoy this four-course dinner accompanied with wine in July and August  if there is enough interest. More information about this can be found on our separate page.

Wine tastings

In small groups we taste several wines, starting with white and via rose to red. Some ‘amuses de bouche’ (light snacks) are served  between sips. We score the wines on aroma, colour and taste and answer questions about region, origin, grape variety etc. to learn a bit more about them. Each participant can then choose one of their favourite bottles to enjoy after the tasting .

Cooking workshops

We offer cooking workshops for regional food to those who enjoy cooking. We will look at which wines pair well with the dishes prepared and what you should pay attention to when buying wines in France to get the best value. We will, of course,  enjoy the meal together at the dinner table in la Ferme or on one of its terraces.

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